Neptune 3

Waste Management System

Reaching further

We know your satisfaction requires more than a great product. It also involves our ability to help support your broader organizational goals such as staff safety, workflow efficiencies and cost control.

The constantly closed design of the Neptune Waste Management System not only helps to meet these needs but helps to keep your O.R. running smoothly. Here’s what various studies and a customer had to say about how the closed system design helps fulfill your goals compared to an open system (canisters).


A safe and smooth running O.R.

Constantly closed mobile system protects the O.R. staff from exposure to suctioned biohazardous fluids

Permits patient-to-patient use requiring only a manifold change

Helps optimize O.R. turnover time, scheduling and volume3

Quieter fluid suction system compared to Neptune 21


12,000 pound (6.6%) reduction
in red bag waste over 10 months at one hospital
system, generating a $8,490 cost savings4

94% less suction system waste
weight transported to landfill at one hospital
system, given equal collection of fluid levels4

Up to 3.5 times more efficient
in room set-up, handling and maintenance
when compared to an open system3