Neptune 3

Waste Management System

Trusted features

Building on a legacy of innovation, the Neptune 3 Waste Management System goes above and beyond with trusted features that help safeguard your O.R.

I.V. pole

Powered I.V. pole with auto retraction comes standard and holds four 3000cc bags on “ram’s horn” hook.

Top display

Adjustable 7″ top display can be angled and rotated for easy viewing.

Dual canisters

Dual canisters allow for the collection and containment of liquids in one procedure, or multiple procedures.* The 4L canister empties into 20L three times before required docking.
Privacy doors open and close to reveal/conceal contents.

*Manifold must be changed patient to patient

SealShut Technology

Provides three layers of protection in a constantly closed system.

8 lines of suction

Two independently controlled canisters provide up to 8 lines of suction when using a 4-port manifold in each canister.

Smoke evacuator

Integrated smoke evacuator comes standard; AUTO mode detects surgical site smoke and adjusts flow.

ULPA filter sold separately.

Control dials

Tactile feedback dials with low/medium/high suction range indicators on the screen.

Manifold holster

Convenient storage for new manifolds.

Docking and cleaning

  • Internal rotating power washers provide added cleaning power compared to previous generations
  • Seamless integration; backwards compatible with Neptune 2 manifolds, filters and docking stations
  • Electromagnetic couplers automatically engage to limit physical touch points

Product ordering information

Neptune 3 Rover 0703-001-000
Docker 0702-014-000

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