Neptune 3

Waste Management System

What's new

Meet the Neptune 3 Waste Management System: a multi-tasking hazardous fluid and smoke evacuation solution that's been five years in the making. With the introduction of new and elevated features, you'll agree that the Neptune 3 is moving surgical suction forward.

Hush vacuum pump

You asked for quiet – and we listened. The Neptune 3 Rover comes equipped with our new Hush vacuum pump and produces only 4.3 sones, making it 48% quieter than Neptune 2.1


Interactive touch screen

A large 8.4″ interactive touch screen simplifies viewing and navigation with displays and controls providing access to multiple options and functions. In addition, on-screen information guides the user with onsite troubleshooting and servicing.

Rotating power washer

Unlike previous generations with fixed sprinklers, the Neptune 3 is equipped with rotating power washers to provide an improved cleaning mechanism with multi-directional spray to cover the entire canister.

Expanded suction range

With an increased suction range from 50-520 mm-Hg, the Neptune 3 provides additional suction strength compared to previous generations. Knobs adjust in increments of 5 (low and medium suction) and 20 (high suction) for enhanced control.
Low: 50-75 mm-Hg
Medium: 80-115 mm-Hg
High: 120-520 mm-Hg
Max: 520 mm-Hg

4L lighted canister

The 4 liter canister can be illuminated to enable easier viewing of canister contents.

Manifold suction range LED

Manifold port range indicators display suction range to operating field.

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Neptune 3 Rover 0703-001-000
Docker 0702-014-000

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