SafeAir Compact Smoke Evacuator

Small box Big difference in air quality

Like the Neptune 3 Waste Management System, this evacuator works with either SafeAir Pencil (standard or telescopic), so you can choose your preferred suction source for the environment and task at hand. Along with giving you a new alternative, it’s one small box that will make a big difference in your O.R. air quality.

  • Customizable time delay up to 10 seconds of smoke evacuation after pencil deactivation
  • Auto activation initiated via an integrated sensor that detects pencil current
  • Multiple activation modes (automatic, permanent and footswitch)
  • Proprietary vacuum design ensures near instant “on-tip” suction at the power level set
  • Customizable via 10 speed settings
  • ULPA filtration supports compliance with AORN recommendations*
  • Easily portable with small footprint (28.66 lbs; 5.5” H x 14.96” W x 11.8” D)

* 2017 AORN Guideline for Surgical Smoke Safety