Standard and Telescopic Evacuation Pencils

Extending our commitment
to smoke evacuation


When it comes to surgical tools, you weighed in on the importance of comfort – and we listened. At only ½ oz, we designed the SafeAir Smoke Evacuation Pencils with multiple ergonomic features to give you the monopolar performance you need, all while providing the protection you want: smoke removal precisely at the source.

To try the SafeAir Pencils, contact your Surgical sales representative at 800 253 3210.

 SafeAir Pencils
Product Features Electrodes & Accessories

Telescopic pencil

Electrode and suction sleeve extend to 4.75: for a smoke inlet reach of 5". Suction sleeve adjusts forward or backward to capture smoke at any angle.

Electrode blade

Choose from a coated or uncoated 70mm blade.

Suction sleeve

Transparent and x-ray detectable, the sleeve enables "on tip" evacuation directly at the source.

Comfort grip

Surface area ribbing and knurling help optimize grip, control and comfort. Components are not made with natural latex.

Cut and coagulation buttons

Visual and tactile cues intuitively guide user. Available in either push button or rocker switch configuration.


Slim and light (only 1/2 oz), the natural grip is comparable to a standard number 2 pencil.

Flexible tubing

AC cord is integrated within the light, flexible tubing for tangle-free cord management and range of motion.